Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can I dig up flower bulbs(daffodils) and relocate them to another spot?

Im wanting to landscape my yard, and the people that used to live here planted daffodil bulbs, can I dig them up and then replant them where I want them after Im done with the landscaping?

Can I dig up flower bulbs(daffodils) and relocate them to another spot?
It really would be best to wait for the Fall to do it. Itleast that is what the Horticulture Agent who taught are Master Gardener Class told one of the MG's who was helping out with one of the classes and askin questions. I don't think it will kill' em to transplant now though they just might not bloom very well for you this year. And really it would be nice to split them up when you do dig them up for economical reasons and that surely would be better to do in the fall after they have went dormant. ( you will have to mark off where they are though because I always forget where mine are when I wait for the "right time to split them up since mine are way way over crowded) MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST MOVE THEM AS SOON AS YOU CAN! Good Luck!
Reply:sure u can... as long as u dig up the entire plant carefully... while waitin to relocate, put it in a bucket or sth filled w/ soil n some water... u know? sth like a make shift pot... gd luck!! :-)
Reply:Actually it is healthy for the daffodil bulbs to be dug up and any new bulbs forming on them, peal off and plant both the old ones and the new ones. If they are never dug up and separated, they can get too bogged down and not be healthy. A lot of the bulb flowers and such are supposed to be dug up and separated on a regular basis. Tulips, iris, cannas, gladiolas, etc.
Reply:Most definitely! I have dug mine up while they were in bloom because that is when I needed to do the garden. They did great and the bonus was that I knew what the flower color was for the bulb I was moving. Place in a part shade location where they won't get soggy and they will be fine. I even left a bunch in my wheel barrel all summer long and they were rooting in the little bit of soil at the bottom and bloomed just fine the next year!
Reply:Sure you can, keep them in a cool, dark spot (not in soil) until you replant them. After all- the bulbs had to get into your yard somehow, right? And its pretty unlikely that they grew there in the wild, so someone somewhere dug them up, and gave or sold them to the previous owners :)
Reply:Yes, go for it.
Reply:You can. I've managed to do so, and they have come back fine. I bought a house with what seemed like a million daffodils. Not only is it a matter of landscaping, but if you let them grow too thick, they will tend to bloom less. I don't think I could kill mine if I wanted to. That said, a lot depends upon climate, geography, and the best time to move them. If there's a decent nursery nearby, or a good agricultural school, then they can better assist with the specifics.
Reply:only wen a bulbs is a bulb unless call for time of a year
Reply:Yes. At this point, depending on which part of the country you live in, wait until after they have bloomed out for this season, then dig them up. If they have been in the ground for several years, you should be able to seperate the cluster of bulbs that should be present, and replant them in your new location, spacing them out properly.

Make sure you dig down deep enough to get the bulbs out intact(6-10 inches if they have been in the ground for several years)
Reply:Yes u can but is prefered when they have gone dormant, then u can transplant them and even break them up.

If u must do it whilst still in growth make sure that they are adequately watered after and kept in a sheltered spot as to reduce shock.

Daffy,s are however a tough bunch and will bounce back from a surprisingly large amount of abuse. Happy gardening cactus Pete

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