Monday, November 16, 2009

What do I do when my daffodils dies?

Do I cut the fronds right back?

Do I tie them up in a knot?

Do I just let them rot?

What gives the most energy back to the bulb?

What do I do when my daffodils dies?
Cut the flower head off and let the foliage die back naturally. That gives the bulbs the energy they need for next years bloom.
Reply:Please don't tie them up or cut off the leaves. Remove the dying flower head before it starts to form a small bulblet at the base of the flower head and then just leave the leaves to die back naturally.

It doesn't look attractive but is the best thing to give you even better flowers next spring.

To hide the dying leaves try to plant daffs amongst other plants so that they are disguised.

This is how to treat other spring flowering bulbs as well.
Reply:You are meant to leave them till they turn yellow then you can cut them down to ground level, the leaves still photosynthesise giving food to the bulb for future flowers. Don't tie up as the leave can't do the job well but dead head so food goes into bulb not seed!
Reply:Cut of the dead heads when they have finished flowering and the rest - let nature take care of it's self...Good luck!
Reply:if you want the dafs to come back next year cut them down to the lowest level nearest the soil and compost the waste if not you could dig theem up and store in a paper bag in dark room until autumn and replant thus giving room for spring and summer flowersto grow.
Reply:dead head old flower buds

then feed with any liquid food

6 weeks is the minimum after flowering before removing foliage.l always do it first day of wimbledon

do not tie in a knot,the foliage can't access the sunlight
Reply:Take off the seed head as soon as the flower dies. Let the leaves and stems rot back into the bulb. Give a few waterings with liquid manure when still a healthy green to help build the bulb up for next year.
Reply:No. No. yes you cut the heads off dead head them. You just leave the greenery to die on it's own. Don't tie them it cuts the supply off. Then you get a bigger bulb next year and more flowers.
Reply:Just leaving them to rot is the best way, if you want to you can give them a dose of all purpose fertiliser to help them for next year!
Reply:You should definitely cut off the dead flowers. If you just let them rot, the plant is wasting energy.
Reply:Let em rot.

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