Friday, November 13, 2009

My 11 year old ate a daffodil bulb last week (along with 5 other kids)?

When I researched it, it was definitely poisonous, cause vomiting, diarhea, damage to kidneys and possibly fatal. None of the kids got any symtoms, I'm thankful,but wonder why?

My 11 year old ate a daffodil bulb last week (along with 5 other kids)?
They probably didn't eat enough. Poisonous effects are measured by what is called an LD50 level. Which is the lethal dose times half of the persons weight. So depending on the child's body weight and how potent the poison in a particular plant is he would have to eat a certain amount for it even to take affect. Lucky for you guys they probably only ate one or two, thus not measuring up enough to have an affect ! Thank Goodness!!

I've been in the pest control business for years and I had to study pesticides from chemcals as well as plant matter to make sure they were strong enough to kill the intended target.
Reply:I would say a lot of luck and maybe with all the interbreding of daffodil's they are not as strong
Reply:Use the site below to study more about poison treatment and prevention.

Also, contact your states Department of Human Services if that child is 'that hungry'. They may be able to find more suitable foods for him to have to eat. It may have been on a 'dare' or simply to satisfy his 'curiousity'; however, most 11 year olds do not eat anything that is not cooked, put upon a plate, and usually carried to the table or 'other' for them to consume it.

He could also be suffering from an eating disorder. Perhaps, if you telephone his pediatrician or family physicians, he can recommend a visit or ways for you to discreeting determine if a problem exists. Most 11 year olds lack the ability to reason or 'think through' complex situations or self-introspection to determine "Why, they did it." It is odd enough to consult the professional advice of a care provider. If nothing else, ask a nurse about the curious happenstance.

I am pleased that it did not affect him adversely; however, he should be spoken to sternly to prevent another such occurence. Do not 'hit' was not 'stupid' either. Just talk to him is such a way as to help him to realize that you care very deeply about his health and safety. That you do not want for him to be 'taste testing' anything that you have not approved of. Look for friends who may be responsible for 'putting him up to it', too. Children can be innocently mischievious at that age.

Bless you both...
Reply:maybe it wasnt the same one you looked up could be many diffrent types just thank God they didnt get sick

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