Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flowers that last all summer and come back next year?

What are some that last in summer, not spring that are come back each year? I have tulips, daffodils and hiacins in my beds now but they dry up and wilt and die by summer, then my flower beds are clear of any flower other than shrubs or bushes. I dont want to spend tons of money then they die and have to be replanted the next year.

Flowers that last all summer and come back next year?
Irisis will bloom in the summer and last all summer long and also come back each year. There are also some varieties of irisis that will bloom late spring/early summer then bloom again in the fall. Lillies will also last most of the summer and come back next year. Some lillies will bloom but the petals will fall of if the wind picks up a lot during a storm(I found out the hard way with that one).
Reply:Well you are looking at perennials than they are flowers that grow one season the top of the plant dies down to the ground and the roots thrive and sleep and then next season when the temperature starts warming up the plant comes back up , a little bigger every year and then between 3-5 years they need to be divided.First of all you need to find you zone (planting zone) and decide if this is a sunny area or shady or a little of both ( this is one of the biggest mistakes made people try to put a sunny plant in a shady area and they wonder why the plant does not do very well) Go to the website for wayside gardens or park seed both of these web sites show all the different kinds of flowers and find you zone. I live in Montana zone 4 and I love the perennials there are so many to choose from-Good luck!
Reply:I plant geraniums and they flower all summer and can take the heat. Columbines do too, but in my yard need to be planted in less direct sun (we get temps over 100), impatients last all summer if planted in the shade, vincas bloom all summer in the sun as do petunia. Vinca and petunia are supposed to be annuals but mine from last year are back again.
Reply:two companies I have dealt with a lot for perennial are BLUESTONE PERENNIALS .COM (Lower case) 1-800-852-5243 and WAYSIDE GARDENS.

1-800-845-1124. they usually sell single plants and bluestone sells mostly in packs of 3 wayside is in SC and bluestone in OH.

I have had good luck with both companies but I do like the way bluestone shows shade/sun and bloom season. you can tell just what to expect.
Reply:If you live in Florida; Florida friendly plants like Blue Daze, Latana, and Scarlett Milkweed are some good choices. Also, Scarleet Milkweed attracts the Monarch Butterfly (it is a host and necter plant). %26amp; Latana also attracts native butterflies.
Reply:Black-eyed susans, Coneflowers, Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Begonias

What colors do you like?

Sun or shade?
Reply:Just go to any garden center or greenhouse NOT HOME DEPOT OR LOWE's and ask. They will have all the plants that will do well for your zone. Ask for perennials.
Reply:Try irises: They will come back.

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