Sunday, May 16, 2010

How long do you have to leave bulbs out of the ground before you replant them?

Can you replant them in a few weeks?Or, do you have wait months?These are tulips.How about orchids or daffodils?

How long do you have to leave bulbs out of the ground before you replant them?
Tulips can be left in the ground for a few years but will eventually need to be lifted and divided. They should be left in the ground after flowering until the leaves yellow and shrivel. Lift them and store in a cool dry place until late August/ early Sept and replant. Sort the bulbs and replant the large ones for best bloom.

Daffodils can be left in the ground and do not need to be lifted after blooming.

What kind of orchids? Where do you live? Where I live the only orchids that we can grow outdoors are Lady Slippers and they should not be lifted and replanted.
Reply:I believe eyou are supposed to wait several months.
Reply:usually region specific. call your local master gardening program. remember that bulbs must be stored properly while out of the ground and again this is plant specific.
Reply:I think it depends on what area of the country you live in. I am in zone 9. I do not dig up St Joseph lilies, amaryllis, ground orchids, daffodils, narcissus, freesias, sparaxis, etc. Most come back the next year. But tulips need some chilling. So the year after I first had them (I had just put them in pots so easy to dig up) I dug them up after the foliage died back. Then I chilled them in my extra fridge. No carrots, no apples in fridge w/ any bulbs. I think I planted them the following year in about February. Guess it also depends on if you get freezes that late as well. B/c you may want to wait till they won't get frozen. In my area, most people treat tulips like annuals and don't bother to do them the next year.
Reply:Check out this website:
Reply:Just wait until the right time to plant them in your area - probably late October or early November. Daffodils don't need to be dug up at all. I really don't know about orchids, sorry.

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